Bag Of Dicks Koozie

Bag Of Dicks Beer Koozies – Limited Edition

We’re not sure how many of these we’re going to sell, right now it’s limited to less than 5,000. If we do another run, they’ll be slightly different, so these Bag Of Dicks Beer Koozie Originals are most definitely a phallic-collectible item, perfect for grandma or that someone special who loves to guzzle beer from an ice cold can or bottle.

Or better yet, for the next time, your friend comes over for a BBQ without his or her own Koozie, looking to borrow one from you. You know the “type” I’m talking about. Comes over and drinks your beer without bringing anything to help contribute, then ends up mysteriously leaving with that Koozie you lent them.

Seriously though, the next time you’re drinking beers or I guess a water (we didn’t test it but it will probably work with a bottled water) with that special someone, and you want to say, “Hey enjoy the beer, ps, there’s a blue dick sliding into your mouth right now!”, well now you can.

Can you imagine the fun pictures that will result from these puppies? They hold all normal sized cans and bottles, even larger ones can get jammed in there, and they keep them ice-cold too.

Also, when you tip them back, there’s our blue balled mascot on the bottom cheering you on!