Original Bag Of Dicks

When You Need To Send Someone A Bag Of Dicks, Look No Further Than The Original Bag Of Dicks, The Ultimate Gag Gift!

For just $13.69 (plus shipping) you can send a glorious bag of dicks to an unsuspecting friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or whoever you want! You can even include a personal note with the Bag Of Dicks!

Not only is our package amazing, but it comes disguised as a luxury gift from a fancy jewelry store. The recipient will be expecting some kind of amazing gift, only to find a bag of candy dicks staring back at them when they open it up!

This Is What Arrives In The Mail

This Is What They Find Inside

They’re Expecting A Fancy Gift Inside That Envelope
Instead It’s Candy Dicks! Muahahaha!

Seriously What Are You Waiting For?

You could order an underwhelming ordinary bag of dicks from one of our flaccid competitors for a higher price, or you could quit dicking around and get on this deal now before we raise our prices!

Regarding our competition that sells Gummy Dicks… Here’s a tip, go with Hard Dicks, gummy dicks are not only gross and limp, but they melt if left in direct sunlight, or for example, a mailbox.

Have questions or requests, please email us before you order. Once an order is received your Bag Of Dicks will be flying through the air on route to its new home.